Stop The PCS Job Hustle

Who’s ready to stop the PCS job hustle? I am.  Let’s face it.  Our lives are constantly moving.

The moment you find a job you love, you move to Timbuktu and BAM!  Your industry  isn’t even on the map at your new duty assignment. We don’t just PCS from location to location.  We PCS from market to market, industry to industry, urban to suburban to the sticks, and back again.

If there is anything a military spouse needs to have to maintain some semblance of job history, its flexibility.

I went to school, earned a degree, and was sure that my resume would be a testament to my aspirations to be a teacher.  A high school teacher.  Surprisingly, the United States Air Force had very different ideas for me.  How was I supposed to know that we’d move overseas for our first assignment and I’d have the hardest time getting picked up for a DoDDEA teaching position?  I was not prepared for that.  Not a chance!

I never imagined that I would wind up changing career gears in such a way that I would never see the inside of a K-12 classroom.  it wasn’t for not trying.

I subbed for a couple months while I tried to sort out my options.  I dropped an application in for the Airman and Family Readiness Center, not really putting a lot of stock into it.  Whaddaya know?  5 months later I got a call and got a job.  I turned out loving it, but even that didn’t help the fact that I was a spouse hire and when we moved back to the states, I’d have to fight to get back into the Civil Service system.  Which I never did manage to get back into because we chose to start our family.  When we returned stateside, I landed a job teaching night classes at the base Education Center.  That lasted until I had my second child and I scoured the net for a telecommute position.  My telecommute position evolved into three different job opportunities over the course of three years.  And now, I’m here.  Blogging.  Entering into the brave new world of new media.

My story is your story.  Each assignment brings a new challenge.  A new hustle.  But the hustle stops here.  It stops here.

New Media is the perfect industry for today’s military spouse.  It is exciting, challenging, and rewarding.  It requires the ability to share, listen, learn, and foster community.  Above all, it is the industry that goes where you go.  It is where you are.  You are New Media.

How did you escape the PCS job hustle?  Is anything holding you back?  Share your story below


  1. Hi ladies, I love this. The whole reason I started the website I did was because I knew although it was locally based I could run it from anywhere (although same time zone does help!! I tried to grab the blogger button for Navy but for some reason can’t get the image to come up on my blog…any ideas? Thanks!


    • Yikes, Charlotte! I’ll get that fixed right away! There had to be a bump somewhere…gotta love launch day. Thank you so much for joining our network and grabbing some badge swag!

  2. This post sums up my working experience. I was even able to acquire am MBA but it is very difficult to get any serious longevity in within a company when you are moving every 2-3 years. I was able to work in Real Estate and Management. Now that we are in the process of PCS’ ing and I have an infant and toddler I am looking forward to hopefully making Blogging a long term opportunity.


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