Tech Tuesday – 4 Twitter Links You Need To Win With Twitter

Since starting Military Spouse Bloggers, we’ve gotten a ton of questions about how to use Twitter. Twitter can be either a fun wading pool where you converse with friends or a speed-of-light moving river full of hashtag rapids that easily drowns you…#dontpanic.  

This Tech Tuesday is a round-up of articles from across the web that will help the beginner to the advanced tweeter. Enjoy and don’t forget to tweet out the list and let us know what your biggest Twitter challenge is below.

  • Free E-book from on how to attract followers and customers by using twitter effectively. Download now.
  • explains How to Change Your Twitter Header Image - which looks suspiciously like a FB Timeline cover…However, we like the change – it allows everyone to show off their personality more than the tiny 125×125 square of the past allowed.

Have an iPad? See what has to say about the redesigned Twitter iPad app (about time no?)

What is your biggest Twitter challenge? Tell us in the comments below and remember to link your twitter accounts. 

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Happy Tweeting!


  1. My biggest challenge is having my tweets “heard’ (seen?). Sometimes I tweet and just…nadda…

    • Are you using #hashtags? If you aren’t then the only way people will see your tweets are if they follow you and happen to catch your tweet, or go to your profile page. This causes you to lose a big opportunity to gain NEW followers. Twitter doesn’t work the way Facebook does, where people spend time on your page – You have to catch Twitter followers by 1) thinking about WHO you want to see your tweet (target persona – military spouses? moms? professional women? servicemembers?) 2) finding hashtags that those people use. For instance…when we tweet, we always use the #milspouse hashtag because military spouses are our audience…we also use a few others depending on the subject of our tweet maybe #navywife #afspouse #typeacon etc. This gets us into feeds where people can find us and start following us. What you can do today is find out where your target tweeter spends their time (do a search for your target audience or topic and look at what other people are using as hashtags). Also, download the Hubspot book – it explains this and other twitter topics in great detail =)

  2. Thank you, this is very useful information! I am fairly new to Twitter, a little under two months. My biggest Twitter challenge is not knowing the meaning of some Twitter language/terms and how to fully utilize Twitter (now that I have read this post that will change!). I feel that I have a good grasp of using #hastags and the benefits…I have a lot of followers so I must be doing something right. :-)

    I think once I have a better understanding of Twitter language and Tweeting in general, I will be a powerhouse in the Twitter world.

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